A Bit About Us

The Beauty Store was founded on the gorgeous island of Malta during the challenging year of 2020.

The founder, Dana, discovered her passion for skin care from her early teenage years. Having struggled with acne and dehydrated skin, she sought assistance from dermatologists and skin care specialists alike. Over the years, she learnt the ins and outs of dermatology, giving her a great deal of experience in the field of skin care.

That time and dedication led her to discover the astounding benefits of Korean beauty products. Above all, she came to realise that Korea was 10-15 years into the future compared to the Western world. Knowing what products to choose and having a dedicated skin care routine can do wonders for anyone.

Consequently, Dana proceeded to delve even deeper by learning what each ingredient can do for the skin, becoming an expert in her field. Throughout this process she came to realise that very few people know what products to choose for their specific skin type. That’s how the idea behind The Beauty Store was born, to help everyone know their skin better and to achieve their skin goals!

Our Mission & Vision

We believe that everyone can achieve healthy skin!

No matter your skin trouble, we are here to listen, help, and guide you to a new, healthy version of yourself. We are next to you every step of the way without judgement and with everlasting love 💓

We want you to know that this is a safe space in which you can come and express yourself freely.