March is Women’s History Month. We will continue to celebrate women who have contributed to events in history and contemporary society. However, let’s be honest: all women are worth celebrating. Everyday women have to work harder and fight harder to reach their goals and each one of us deserves to be appreciated. 


We want to use our platform to celebrate a few of the beautiful, strong and inspiring women we admire! 


  1. Dr Shuting Hu, with a BSc biological Sciences/Marine Biology and a Ph.D. in Cell/Cellular and Molecular Biology, she won the Henry Maso Award For Young Cosmetic Scientists, in 2013, an award given at IFSCC Conferences to the best scientific paper given by an author who has submitted a full paper for consideration for the Award. In 2018 Dr Shuting Hu founded Acaderma – a skincare line that combines academic research and botanical skincare to find better solutions for healthy skin alternatives. Incubated by Sephora’s accelerate 2018 programme, Acaderma’s mission is to gain a deeper understanding of the science behind the healing properties of botanicals and extract the essential elements to develop next-generation, patented skin care technologies.
  2. Lee Ji Eun, founder of SOMEBYMI, a brand relatively new but very popular and successful. The brand focuses on sourcing the right ingredients that will make a difference on the different skin issues they are targeting. The Korean skin care brand is well known for its AHA, BHA, PHA 30 Days Miracle series. With its success, the brand has advanced into the global market and is exported to over 20 countries worldwide.
  3. Michelle Kim founded the well-renowned brand iUNIK back in 2017, after being in the industry for more than 6 years. The name was built on the acronym describing her philosophy ‘Ideal, Unique, Naturalism, Ingredients, and Know-how’. iUNIK is a hypoallergenic brand that has streamlined skin care with minimal ingredients to help strengthen and clarify the skin. The formulations are for every skin type from oily to dry.
  4. Ha Neul, Korean model and blogger founded the popular cosmetic brand 🍑Peach C that started with make-up products and grew to expand into skincare as well. Famous for its matte lipsticks and colourful eye shadows, this Korean beauty brand boasts fresh, bright, and easy-to-wear shades to help achieve a youthful look. Ha Neul also runs the eponymous lingerie brand Haneul Haneul.
  5. Natalie Briffa Farrugia won the first edition of the Malta Businesswoman of the Year Award in 2019. With a remarkable journey – from teaching primary students, to tending to the vulnerable in Ethiopia and Guatemala, to gaining a Master’s degree in Gerontology and Geriatrics, to leading one of Malta’s largest elderly home service providers, the Care Malta Group.
  6. Amanda Xuereb – Chief Development Officer for Toly Group, founder of Beauty Trill. Amanda was awarded the title of HSBC’s Young Businesswoman Award. Amanda created Toly Malta in 2012, and built a new customer base across markets where Toly was not well known. In 2018 she created Beauty Trill, a new division to focus upon offering the brands innovative formulations along with innovative packaging. 
  7. Caroline Paris – fashion stylist, digital consultant, product manager, founder of Mon-éclat & influencer. With a following of over 20,000 and a new successful business, Caroline is inspiring us to strive for more because we can actually find time for everything that is important to us. I mean look at how many things she manages to achieve! This is what we can truly call an “influencer”.
  8. Denise Grech – perhaps the youngest lady on the list, but nonetheless a major inspiration already. With a BA in Anthropology and Psychology and MA in Political Strategy and Communications and now a full time EU Policy and Communications consultant Denise finds the time to be involved with multiple organisations helping different communities across Malta. Moviment Graffiti is the one she feels most passionate about because she strongly believes in advocating for civil rights, worker’s rights, migration and women’s rights.


These are just a few examples, but within each one of us there is the ability to change the world – one woman at a time. This being said I want to encourage each one of us to support and empower each other. 

  • In Malta there are 20% less women employed, and those employed are paid approximately €2 less per hour. 
  • Worldwide less than 50% of working-age women are in the labour market
  • In 2019 women held 28% of managerial positions globally – almost the same proportion as in 1995. 
  • In the past 12 months around 18% of women globally have experienced violence from their partner. 


Finally, I want to bring light to a few foundations that help women around the globe.


  1. Women’s Global Fund their goal is to develop programs that can help reduce poverty and empower women economically, socially, and politically.
  2. World Pulse – This organization’s goal is to harness social media and technology for good. On the social network, women can connect, share their stories and ideas, and more. It currently has users in 190 countries.
  3. Women For Women – Their mission is to empower and support women and girls through the funding of education, emergency financial aid and the promotion of gender equality. 


🌸Stay healthy, stay beautiful🌸