1. Do all my products need to be from the same skincare line?

 They can be but they don’t need to be. You may use a single line for all your products as they have been formulated to correlate with each other and can give excellent results. This can be especially beneficial if you have chosen a line to help with a single skin concern.

However, if there are different skin concerns you are trying to tackle your best solutions will come from specific products which may be from different lines. As you progress in your skin care journey you are will become accustomed to different ingredients and learn how they best combine, and which products have the best result on your skin. If you restrict yourself to a single skincare line you will end up disappointed with the results as there are amazing products in every line that you could benefit from. Moreover, skin can get accustomed to ingredients and can therefore become “immune” to certain products after prolonged use.


  1. How long will it take to know if a product is effective?

Your facial skin renews itself over the course of a month. You might be able to see some of the more basic effects a product will have on your skin within a couple of days, such as the moisturizing effect or any short-term brightening, soothing or anti-inflammatory improvements. But you won’t get a solid idea of what a product’s long-term impact will be until after four (4) weeks into its usage.

The exception is if you have a negative reaction to the product such as irritation, contact dermatitis- really anything bad that happens suddenly after starting to use a new product. If this occurs, you should stop using that product immediately. It is recommended to do a 24-hour patch test on your hand before starting to use a new product. If there are no negative reactions in 24 hours, it is safe to use on your face!


  1. Is it possible to use too many products? 

It is! And you’ll know it! Pay attention to how your face looks and feels, especially when you’re working on assembling a new skincare routine. If your face is constantly too sticky, too oily, too dry, too anything – you’re probably using too many products, or too much of a specific thing! The exception to this rule is if you find your skin is suddenly perfect in which case keep doing what you’re doing!


  1. Layering and Order of application

 When beginning a Korean skincare routine for the first time, figuring out the order in which products should be applied can be overwhelming. Listed are some principle guidelines for the determining the order of your application.

  1. Apply your products in order from lightest weight to the heaviest. This allows for maximum absorption of each of the products, and ensures that you thinner, water-rich layers are safely tucked beneath your smoothing emollient and occlusive products.
  2. If you’re using a pH-dependent product such as a low-pH acid toner, an AHA, BHA, or a vitamin C serum, it’s best to apply those at the beginning of your routine, just after cleansing. These products function best when skin is at its natural, slightly acidic pH, and applying other products first could interfere with their performance.
  3. Sometimes brands will prescribe a product order that deviates slightly from the lightest-to-heaviest approach. In this instance, it’s best to follow the brand’s recommendations which should be written on the package.