Choosing skincare products is my favourite part of a routine! I get to sit down on my own and sometimes it takes hours until I find something that I am ready to pay for and apply on my skin! The routine itself is a period where I feel like I am at my own SPA. However even I have chosen the wrong products before… I have spent thousands of dollars on products and most of them I never finished, or my skin got so bad that I had to get rid of the product! It took years of experience to get to a point where I am comfortable when choosing products, and the secret is to know your INGREDIENTS!

SO, the first thing you should do when choosing a product is go to the ingredients list and scan it. To make this easier for you just REMEMBER THIS: ingredients are listed from the 1st -which is the most concentrated ingredient to the last one which is the least concentrated ingredient!

Now that you remembered that, the next step is to scan for the products that are a definite no: ALCOHOL! Any product that has alcohol on the ingredients list should be burned no matter how low it is on the ingredients list. If it’s one of the first listed ingredients, then you shouldn’t even touch the bottle! 😀

Now that we got that out of the way I will list a few ingredients that are very beneficial for all skin types and which ones should you look for when choosing a product!

  1. Niacinamide – the holy grail of ingredients! This amazing ingredient works on any skin type and has amazing effects on the skin: fights any bacteria in the skin, minimizes the appearance of pores, purifies your skin, brightens it, helps with scars and pigmentation. One thing to keep in mind, the effects are to be expected long term, this ingredient won’t change your skin structure over night, but if you use consistently for 1-2 months you will see how much better your skin looks and you won’t stop using it!
  2. Vitamin C – another must have ingredient! Again, this ingredient is suitable for all skin types (if you have sensitive skin or rosacea use a less concentrated Vitamin C- up to 2.5%). This ingredient explains itself in the name and its properties consist of brightening the skin and evening it out!
  3. Hyaluronic Acid – amazing for any skin type, but especially for dry skin! It penetrates the layers of skin and “locks” in the moisture as well as absorbs the moisture from outside!
  4. Salicylic Acid – the saviour for anyone with problematic skin! If you ever suffered or suffer from any form of acne this product will change your life! It is a derivative of aspirin and its main properties are exfoliating the skin and deep cleaning the pores. For anyone with problematic skin you should always look for ingredients that have exfoliating effects as they will help your skin regenerate and then combine this with a treatment to see the best results in short periods.
  5. Squalene – this ingredient is a fatty acid that the skin produces naturally, but it can now be found in products as well, which is amazing! There is also vegetable squalene that can be found in products, equally as amazing! This ingredient works wonders on dry skin, and you will find it in most hydrating masks and creams.
  6. Retinol – the most active ingredient on the market! This term covers a class of potent chemical compounds derived from synthetic Vitamin A. Studies show that when applied to skin this ingredient is accepted directly into the skin cell, hence why they are extremely effective in combating fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and stretch marks as well as acne. This ingredient is very powerful and if you are under 25, I would recommend you use it only for affected areas and for a period of 3 months a year only! For anyone else keep in mind that this product should be introduced to your skin slowly by starting once a week and then introducing a day a week!

Please keep in mind that very often we are wrong in thinking that natural is better than made in a lab! Actually, there are numerous studies that show that very often all the ingredients advertised on the market as natural: oils and fragrances don’t actually benefit our skin in any way and can have very damaging, long-term effects. There are specialists who have worked for a long time and developed, based on studies, the best products for our skin!