Healthy skin doesn’t appear overnight. It won’t take too long to see results but that’s only through consistency. Ever heard the phrase “Practice makes Perfect”? Well if we were to apply that here it would mean sticking to your skin care routine!


Morning Routine for Beginners

Everyone, regardless of their K-beauty experience, needs a basic routine. Whether you are new to Korean beauty or only have a few minutes in the morning.

  1. Cleansing – this is easily one of the most important steps when you wake up in the morning. Always cleanse!
  2. Toner – this hydrates your skin and prevents that dry feeling you get after a face wash. This also helps cream to penetrate better.
  3. Cream or Lotion – this provides essential hydration that is longer lasting so don’t forget it.
  4. Sun cream– this is needed every day regardless of weather. Always apply sun cream!


Morning Routine for Experts

An expert routine requires 2 things: Knowing your skin very well and the time to complete all the steps.

  1. Double-Cleansing – this 2-step process is a must. Despite your thinking that you may have clean skin after the previous night’s routine, after sleep, there are impurities, residues, dead cells and sebum to get rid of. This step also assists in circulation. Cleansing oil removes all the products you have used the previous night and a water-based cleanser removes impurities and leaves the skin ready for the steps that follow.
  2. Exfoliant– ideally should be a mechanical exfoliant as chemical exfoliants should be used only at night.
  3. Toner– is essential in restoring the skins’ pH level after cleansing and helps avoid the tightness sensation.
  4. Essence – this will help the other products to penetrate into the skin better.
  5. Serum – Provides hydration with hyaluronic acid or collagen
  6. Eye Cream/Hydrogel Patches– these help to decongest the eye are. They are great for removing the bags from your eyes and get rid of that tired look!
  7. Lotion and Cream – both of these are to be applied in this order if you have very dry skin. If your skin is normal, combination or oily, apply only one of these products.
  8. Sun Cream – This is the final step and can be applied as you would a normal cream or in BB cushion format which will add a little colour to the face.

How To Begin The Routine

If you haven’t incorporated the 10 step Korean routine into your skincare regime you might feel slightly overwhelmed so here’s some advice:

Start little by little: you don’t have to start from zero but rather begin slowly especially if you’re a complete novice. This way you will get a chance to understand the benefits of each cosmetic product and gather which gives the best results for your skin. If you’re unsure of where to start here’s the answer: cleanser, cream and sun cream. If these aren’t in your routine already don’t experiment with others such as an essence.

First Purchase? Opt for a good cleanser as cleansing your face is fundamental. Not the most exciting but one of the most important as it is a prerequisite for the application of other products.

Know Your Skin: Korean cosmetics are always much more effective when you apply them according to your skin type so make sure to find out what yours is before you purchase anything. Even if you’ve heard a certain product is miraculous and does wonders, it still may not be the right one for you!

Prevent Rather Than Treat! Don’t search for antiaging if you don’t have wrinkles, rather invest in a good sun cream. Focus on what your skin needs rather than for problems you don’t yet have

Learn about Brands and their Philosophy:When you learn the wonders of Korean cosmetics it is highly likely you will be using them for a long time. So just as you would learn about any product you use daily, learn the brand, the concept, its history and what it stands for. See the ingredients and everything you want from them! This will help you thoroughly understand what makes for great skincare!

I hope this was helpful in guiding you as to what steps to consider for your K-beauty skincare inspired morning routine. To read more about skincare and K-beauty products please check out our blog page.