The Korean people have always believed that outward appearance was reflective of a person’s interior; which is why men and women from Korea have always presented themselves at their finest and have therefore created a very exclusive culture.

Cosmetics peaked during the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1382). This was when people began to take a conscious interest in their appearance and personal care. It was also when Korean expanded their market to foreign trade allowing an introduction to new techniques as well as ingredients to their already blossoming products. The Korean beauty we know today arrived in the West almost a decade ago and is only recently becoming exponentially popular due to its affordability and all-natural ingredients. All this started with the BB cream which was the first wave of Korean Cosmetic products to dominate the West. Even though the BB cream was invented by the Germans Koreans took the product and reinvented its formula for the national market. From then this haze of Korean cosmetics became the standard for skin care dominating the industry with its phenomenon of unusual, all natural ingredients like: bamboo carbon powder, donkey milk, bird’s nest, algae along with some of the most effective being the snail mucin extract and bee venom extract which are famous for their healing properties.

The essence of K-beauty is love, care and respect for your skin. Anyone who tries the 10-Step Korean skincare routine will immediately adapt it as a norm! It isn’t just 10 steps – it becomes part of your life. The avoidance and curing of skin imperfections is more important to Koreans than just concealing it with make-up. This begins with facial treatments as the basis for the routine and is the most important step! This specific Asiatic culture and tradition reflects the importance given to beauty because it is believed to associate presentation with all other aspects of life.

Another reason K-beauty’s phenomenon is ever increasing in popularity is its forever advancing cosmetics industry. It has created innovative products that are non-existent in western markets like sheet masks, splash masks, hydrogel patches for eyes and lips and fluid make-up cushions. All partake prominent roles in our daily beauty routine and have gained a pristine reputation worldwide resulting in western brands attempting to duplicate and produce their own formulas for the European and American markets. Their effectiveness, unprecedented quality and reasonable prices have made them categorically elite and are spreading across the globe like wildfire!

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