At The Beauty Store Malta we understand that knowing what is best for your skin can be a challenging concept, which is why we decided to put our experience at service and offer free skincare consultations.

Here you will be able to speak to the founder of TBS who is experienced and passionate about the Korean Beauty industry, and who will guide you through the best treatments/products for your skin type!

How it works

Fill in the form on the right with all the information you can think of. We will receive it, review it, and get back to you asap to schedule an online interview.

The consultation interview lasts 30 minutes. During this time we will speak in-depth about:

  • your current skincare routine (if you have one);
  • what products you use;
  • if you have any allergies;
  • what your skin goals are.

The expert will then outline a proper way for you to care for your skin by incorporating all above information.

What online platforms can we use?

The consultation will be done through text or video calling through WhatsApp, Facetime, Zoom, Facebook Messenger or Instagram. Just let us know how you prefer!

What about privacy?

For information about our privacy policy CLICK HERE.